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These are some questions that can help you determine if you live under tyranny.  
1) What can you do without having some sort of government involvement? (example - license, permit, fee/tax, possible punishment, etc...)?

Here are a few basics to start with:
1) Speech (print, demonstrate etc..),
2) Travel -(air, sea, ground)
3) Self Defense (firearm, armor, mace, manufacturing etc..)
4) Property rights (build structures, own land, plant crops, buy/sell etc..)
5) Religious expression (wear a religious symbol, communicate beliefs, assemble, pray in public)
6) Obtain food/water (hunting, fishing, water rights, growing/selling food)
7) Love/Marriage Raising Children (beliefs, discipline, restrictions etc...)
8) Education (pre-school, college, home school, classes etc..)
9) Health (vaccines, illness, treatments, medication, vitamins, forced to do something etc..)

If there is a long list of things the government controls or is involved with regarding your life you are probably living under tyranny.

2) What can you do that is not monitored by someone?
(example - communication, travel, purchases, banking, affiliations etc...)

If this list is long you are probably living under tyranny. Is there any privacy?

3) How close is your government to you?/How much control do you have over your government?
(example - local government, state, federal, global - who has the most power)

If government is far away and/or you have little say you are probably living under tyranny.

4) What can your government take away from you?
(example - eminent domain, naked images of your body, blood samples, privacy, free speech zones, travel, curfews etc...)

If this list is long you are probably living under tyranny.

5) How easy is it for the government/police/military to take things away from you?
(example - stop your bank account, confiscate weapons, search or seize your property, citizenship/ID cards, imprison you, torture you, or even kill you)

If it is easy for the government to take things away, you are definitely living under tyranny.

6) How well does your government perform basic services? Do they care about their citizens?  (example - creating/maintaining a stable currency, protecting national borders from foreign invaders, protect private property, enforce laws equally and fairly, manage money/budgets, ensures justice for all etc...)

If  the government can't provide basic stability services for its people it clearly has no concern for it's people. One might ask the question why do we have a government at all if the government doesn't pursue the best interest of the people? A government that exists but doesn't care about their citizens is definitely a tyranny.


Learn More About Tyranny

Throughout all of history certain groups of people have dominated others. The purpose of this site is to explore history, governments, societies, morality, current events, experiences and much more to identify and eliminate the reoccurring plague of tyranny. Many limit tyranny to governments, however it can exist in medicine, money, religion, education, a family household, even a single relationship.

It has been said the amount of tyranny you tolerate with is the exact amount of tyranny you will live under. This statement makes a lot of sense, however it assumes two things. First of all, it assumes that we will always be under some form of control and it also asks the question how much freedom we are are willing give up to those in control. The other aspect of tyranny is there is often a slippery slope that once you get started sliding in a certain direction it is almost impossible to stop continuing in that direction to even greater and greater extents.

I encourage anyone that is interested in this subject to help develop this site. Please tell your personal stories, please help to educate others, and above all spread the word. Lets not repeat the mistakes our forefathers made, and lets not allow those that sacrificed everything to end tyranny be forgotten.

I have seen many people post comments on news stories, write blogs, and even go to events on this subject, and all of which is good, however I feel that this site would be much more productive way to accomplish the goals we all share.


Vision / Goals

Ultimately I would like to see an actual brick and mortar museum built that people could go to so they can fully grasp the importance of making good decisions regarding both themselves and others. There are many museums people can visit that specialize in specific subjects, however I can not think of anything more important then the subject of how we treat each other. For some reason people in power tend to abuse those that are under them.

Occasionally we see those in power see themselves as equals to the ruled and responsible for them, in these cases they tend to become servants rather then masters. There are many factors that I believe are necessary in order to prevent the natural state of tyranny from flourishing and I feel the Tyranny Museum can benefit all those that visit. Please help me develop this website and with a lot of hard work and perseverance achieve brick and mortar Tyranny Museums all over the world.